Error: "Operation not supported on API level 22: Support for SAFE API ver. 4"

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Configuration profiles which are marked as "(Samsung)" e.g Mail for Exchange (Samsung) are compatible only with Samsung Android devices which have SAFE/KNOX enabled. As we state in the Miradore Online's UI:


  • Samsung’s Android device with Android 4.4 or later and Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) supported.
  • Samsung for Enterprise Privacy Policy accepted from Miradore Online Android client.

If that kind of Configuration profile is deployed to any other non-Samsung device, the deployment will show as Failed with the error description ""Operation not supported on API level 22: Support for SAFE API ver. 4".

Also if the Samsung device does not support SAFE/KNOX or the SAFE is not enabled during the enrollment process, will lead to the same error.

Miradore Online Support

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Got this error on LG K10 2017 with Android 8 update (Android 7 didn't suffer that error). Yet on the dashboard the device looks like is enrolled correctly.

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Please send us a support ticket so we can investigate this case more closely. You can create the support ticket from your Miradore Online site's "Contact us" -form.

Thank you.


 - Jarkko / Miradore Online Support

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