Warranty information update from manufacturer using a script

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Miradore Management Suite's web service API enables you to read and write information using a script. One example use case for this is reading the serial numbers of assets from Miradore, then using the serial numbers to check real warranty dates from computer manufacturer's systems over their API's and finally writing the real warranty dates back to the Miradore assets.

Here is an example script, which does the above for Lenovo workstations:


This script is provided as an example and it has been tested in November 2017. Lenovo might change their API, which could make this script unusable.

To use this script with your Miradore Management Suite, first create an user account in Administration > Permissions > User accounts and assign the user to following groups: Web service readers and Web service writers. Before running the script for the first time, please update the server information to lines 9-16 of the script. When you first run the script, it will ask for the Miradore web service credentials that you just created.

Have you created your own script for some other computer manufacturer? Are you having issues trying to make scripts work? Please feel free to give feedback, share your issues to get help from other users and possibly even share your scripts.

Otto Metsähukala (Miradore)

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I was starting to get too many errors with this script, so i created a new one. Using some snippets, like credentials for Miradore API from Otto's script. 

This one goes directly against supportapi.lenovo.com. Note! This requires Lenovo ClientID for webapi that can be requested through your company Lenovo representative. 

It cycles through all instances (finding instance names may vary in other environments), grabs serial numbers for all Lenovo workstations, checks warranty info from Lenovo, grabs start and end dates and puts them back to Miradore. 

Original post's talk about permissions applies here as well. 

Here's the link:


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