Problems enrolling Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary edition devices

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Customers using Windows have reported about problems to enroll devices running Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update (version 1607 - OS Build 10.0.14393.67) to Miradore Online. Public release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update was in August, 2016, so now it is being deployed to devices. When enrolling one of these devices, the device shows an error after typing in the enrollment credentials. The error message advises to check that the password and username are correct. 



Microsoft did some changes in the Windows 10 MDM device enrollment procedures to this latest version. Due to these changes the Miradore Online device enrollment using the device Settings app is not able to authenticate the device which then causes the error (Settings app tries to enroll these devices over Azure AD join, which is not yet supported in Miradore Online enrollment).

UPDATE - In Windows 10 Mobile servicing build 14393.82, this option has been re-added to the user interface as link "Enroll only in device management".


Devices running Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update (version 1607) need to be enrolled through a custom enrollment address:


This can be entered into the address bar of the built-in browser. This custom address launches the device built-in enrollment app showing a field for email address. Type there the *** enrollment username and proceed to the next step.

In the next step, enter the enrollment password. Domain\UserName field can be left empty.


Next steps

We will work on implementing the above workaround method seamlessly to current Miradore Online enrollment process. After this has been done and tested, we will also update the instructions for Windows enrollment accordingly.


If you find any problems with the workaround method described above, please inform us at Miradore Online support about it.


Lassi Pekkarinen (Miradore)

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